Be Your Own DeFi Bank

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With Gorilix DEFI anyone can be their own banks and put their idle crypto holdings into use, for a magnified portfolio. Lend, borrow and save.

$SILVA Contract Address:

0xa77E2b08DFf79138fba505E0d0298e4f99De3b7cWe recommend that you use MetaMask or Trust Wallet to receive your Gorilix ($SILVA) tokens
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1 SILVA price: $0.0000000
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Develop with Gorilix DEFI

Traders, developers, and consumers of decentralized apps now have the ability to hold additional assets without selling or reorganizing their portfolios.

  • ✔ dApps can use our platform to borrow tokens within Ethereum's ecosystem, our provided liquidity stops users having to wait for orders to fill.
  • ✔ Liquidity providers can supply capital to new investments by borrowing Ether and using their existing portfolio as collateral.
  • ✔ Traders looking to short a token can borrow it, send it to an exchange, and sell the token, profiting from declines in overvalued projects.
Develop with Gorilix DEFI

Earn Rewards

The protocol incentivizes liquidity using an interest rate model. When an asset is in high demand, the protocol's liquidity (the amount of tokens available to withdraw or borrow) will decrease; when this happens, interest rates will rise, rewarding supply while discouraging borrowing.

Earn Rewards

Supply & Borrow

Lending and borrowing are the cornerstones of Gorilix DEFI’s monetary policy goals and ecosystem



The Gorilix DEFI protocol aggregates each user's supply and matches it with another user, enabling users to lend crypto in a seamless smart contract.



Borrowing from Gorilix DEFI involves a user merely declaring a desired asset; there are no terms to negotiate, no maturity dates, and no funding periods.

Gorilix DEFI ($SILVA) is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token that enables community governance of the Gorilix DEFI protocol. Utilizing Ethereum's Virtual Machine to increase cross chain compatibility with alternative ecosystems, Gorilix DEFI protocol will provide a multi-chain smart contract and additional functionalities. Using cross chain compatibility, $SILVA token holders can swap from one platform to another at a low cost. Their delegates can also debate, propose, and vote on changes to the protocol.

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Welcome to Decentralized Solutions

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Gorilix NFT Marketplace

A decentralized NFT marketplace promoting complete transparency, permissionless participation, and robust security.

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Decentralized Wallets

Any user having a decentralized wallet can directly pay and receive payments against any transaction on our platform.

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Decentralized Digital Goods Trading

Trade or swap digital goods like 3D NFTs, movies, music, digital books, and much more with complete transparency.

Other Products in our Defi Suite


Gorilix Wallet

The Gorilix wallet will specifically serve the cross-chain tokens that are operable in multiple ecosystems. Anyone can simply open a wallet, connect it to their Gorilix account and start using it without any hassle.


Gorilix Markets

Gorilix Markets is a robust mechanism that crunches data in real-time to put together a comprehensive view of the market situation to help traders make the right decisions with the right set of information.


Gorilix Send

Gorilix will also be introducing the multi-send feature where a person can send tokens to multiple wallet addresses in a single transaction. This will be an additional feature that can actually save time and money.


Gorilix Issuer

A long and convoluted process; for instance, programming tokens in Solidity with heaps of mind-boggling coding capacities to execute the smart contract, battling with producing the tokens in different blockchains.

$SILVA Token

The native currency of Gorilix is $SILVA. We will be issuing our native token- $SILVA to three blockchain networks i.e. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.



Gorilix allows users to stake their tokens into the ecosystem and get higher returns on their investment. As a platform that offers several services to the users, we encourage users to stake their $SILVA for more rewards and exclusive access to various programs.



The ultimate target of Gorilix DEFI is to establish a DAO that oversees the governance process. $SILVA gives the opportunity to participate within the DAO, our governing body will not only be in charge of making decisions regarding internal and external matters.


Premium Rights

$SILVA holders will be categorized into different tiers, the holders with more $SILVA tokens will be placed into a higher-ranked tier. The users placed into the higher tiers will have the opportunity to gain access to exclusive and premium events and privileges.


Platform Service Fee

When using the decentralized exchange (DEX) service of Gorilix, the participants will be required to make payments of a small fee for each transaction they make and the same shall be paid only through the $SILVA tokens.

Diversified DeFi Products

Gorilix Ventures

Gorilix ventures is the investment arm of Gorilix to bootstrap the decentralized finance ecosystem on multiple blockchains with built-in support for DeFi Builders.

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Gorilix Platform

The core objective of this product is to expand industry knowledge and connections in DeFi and blockchain technology.

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Gorilix Labs

Our Defi product builder team focuses on building and offering a comprehensive and trusted suite of products with the latest in data security and cross-chain, multi-chain technology.

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Gorilix Exchange

The Gorilix exchange will facilitate the seamless cross-chain token swap, allowing users to swap their token for another token from a different blockchain without additional gas fees.

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Gorilix Portfolio

A one-stop tracker for every one of your coins/tokens allows you to follow your portfolio, checking cost changes and the development of the resources on blockchain addresses.

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Development Road Map

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    Phase 1
    Gorilix Token Presale
  • road line
    Phase 2
    Gorilix Token IDO Launch (Uniswap Listing)
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    Phase 3
    Gorilix NFT Marketplace
  • road line
    Phase 4
    Gorilix Exchange
  • road line
    Phase 5
    Gorilix Lending & Borrowing Platform
  • road line
    Phase 6
    Gorilix DeFi Tools & Utilities
  • road line
    Phase 7
    Gorilix Multi Crypto Assets Staking
  • road line
    Phase 8
    Gorilix Mega Farming Market on Gorilix Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorilix Defi is a layer two solution built on Ethereum mainnet. Our native token $SILVA complies with ERC20 standards.

121,770,000 $SILVA will be available during the seed.

The initial price for $SILVA during the token generation event will be $0.008.

The $SILVA token sale will be held on the Gorilix DeFi website

During the $SILVA token sale the following cryptocurrencies are accepted as method of payment; BTC, ETH, BNB, UNI, ALGO, SOL, XRP, MATIC, USDT(TRC20), USDT(ERC20) & more.

At the end of each stage during the presale, a wallet snapshot will be taken to identify the top 10 $SILVA holders. The top 10 holders will receive a Free unique and Gorilix NFT.

$SILVA token will be listed on Uniswap September 6th, 2022.